Unique Natural Wooden Watches for Men

Wooden Watches for Men

No outfit is complete without a watch. The type of watch you wear brings out your personality. Here at, Allwoodsy, you will get a wide collection of Wooden Watches for Men which will help you complete any outfit. These Wooden Watches for Men has become trendy & popular because of the style statement they come with. The best thing about these watches is that they are in no way harmful to nature.

Get that vintage look!

The Wooden Watches for Men are made with the perfect blend of best quality wood and high quality metal to give you that vintage retro look that is bound to turn heads. Our team has made sure that every watch is unique in design. It is also the aim to craft the watches with the latest technology to ensure you are using the best product available in the market.

The Wooden Watches for Men are mainly made of naturally occurring red or black sandalwood. This gives our watches a vintage and unique look from others. The wood and the metal used for this watch are of premium quality which makes your watch durable and long lasting.

Why us?

Our Wooden Watches for Men also come with 3 prongs, dial rivets, & displays date as well. You can also use the stopwatch feature at many instances. The quartz movement ensures that you get to see the precise timing in order to keep up with your schedule. Every watch is specially handcrafted in order to bring you the best designs.